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ျပည္သူေတြဆီမွာ လြတ္လပ္မႈနဲ႔ တန္းတူညီမွ်မႈ အရင္ဆံုး ရွိေနမွ ဒီမိုိကေရစီ စံႏႈန္းရွိတာ ျဖစ္ပါတယ္။

World focus on Burma (2 March 2009)

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Today in history

2nd March 1962 – A military coup led by General Ne Win in Burma happened on thay very day and since then, Burma has lost democratic and human rights under authoritarian military regimes until now.

2nd March, 1962
: General Ne Win of Burma had arrested Prime Minister U Nu and ex-president Sao Swe Thaik. In the process, Thaik’s son was wounded by a bullet as guards had escaped. This mini-seizure was announced on the state radio by Ne Win. He was succeeded by Nu (1960) after heading a “non-elected” government for 18 months.



Myanmar cyclone dinner fundraiser


Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, on May 3 last year, killing nearly 140000 and affecting 2.4 million others. The dinner is supported by …

After the Storm: Voices from the Delta

ReliefWeb (press release)

Cyclone Nargis lashed Burma on May 2, 2008, making landfall in the Irrawaddy Delta, 220 km southwest of Rangoon. This was a massive cyclone which would have …

Lunch Weekly for Monday, March 2

Publishers Lunch Deluxe

Editor at Mother Jones magazine Nicole McClelland’s FOR US, SURRENDER IS OUT OF THE QUESTION, a look at the crisis in Burma and Thailand of the Karen, …

ASEAN extends leading role in humanitarian assistance in Myanmar

ReliefWeb (press release) – 

In cooperation with the Government of Myanmar and the United Nations under the Tripartite Core Group, ASEAN has played a critical role in facilitating …

Poppy cultivation in Burma up again: US state Department

Burma is still the second largest producer of drugs in the world following Afghanistan. Though the military junta claims that it is implementing a drug …

Burmese challenge minister over name

New Zealand Herald

By Lincoln Tan Burmese campaigners are lobbying the New Zealand Government to call their home country by its former name of Burma – not Myanmar. …

Government wants more say on $480m foreign aid budget

New Zealand Herald – 

By Martin Johnston The National Government plans to take more political control of a half-billion-dollar foreign aid programme, and wants to change the way …

Economic crisis warrants a rethink of national strategy

เดอะ เนชั่น – 

Together with major rice-growers like Vietnam and Burma, Asean can play a meaningful role in the rice trade, feeding many hungry stomachs. …



Activists have filed civil rights complaints against the practice, which they say denies immigrants equal resources and segregates them from mainstream …

Mynamar junta blocked cyclone aid – report

Reuters AlertNet – 

Myanmar’s junta blocked aid to the delta after last year’s killer cyclone and used forced labour, including children, for reconstruction projects, …

Laputta Villagers Face Water Crisis

The Irrawaddy News Magazine

Many ponds and wells were destroyed by seawater when Cyclone Nargis and its subsequent tidal wave hit Laputta on May 2-3. At least 138000 people were killed …

Designs for Medals Advance – 

As Suu Kyi began to campaign for the NLD, she and many others were detained by the regime. Despite being held under house arrest, the NLD went on to win a …

14th Asean Summit: A reality check

“We underscored the necessity for and welcomed Myanmar [Burmese] Government’s willingness to engage in active cooperation actively with the UN …

ASEAN unites to face economic heat

domain-B – 

Human rights were a particular issue for the grouping, which includes non-democratic countries Burma and Vietnam. ASEAN also made much of its first charter …


Tourism Review – 

A charity group called Network Myanmar opposes the idea. According to Network Myanmar leader Derek Tonkin tourism industry helps people in Burma to fight …

Burmese PM Agrees to Election Monitors

The Irrawaddy News Magazine – 

… all political prisoners, starts a dialogue between pro-democracy advocate Aung San Suu Kyi and the junta’s leader and reviews the 2008 constitution. …

Biting the hand that feeds the nation

Democratic Voice of Burma

Mar 2, 2009 (DVB)–As Peasants’ Day is marked in Burma on 2 March, the plight of farmers in the country remains desperate. Farmers or ‘peasants’, including …

Climbing the Summits

The Irrawaddy News Magazine – 

At a press briefing, Thailand’s Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said: “The Asean leaders encouraged Myanmar [Burma] to continue cooperation with the United …

Paedophile gained child nurse job

BBC News

Gellner, who is German, had been arrested in October 2008 after applying for a UK visa for a 14-year-old Burmese boy he wanted to bring here. …

Paedophile arrested while working as children’s nurse


The Government can deport him because he was sentenced to more than 12 months in prison for his original offences. Christine Beddoe, director of End Child …

Summit Happened—But We Don’t Know What

The Irrawaddy News Magazine – 

On Saturday morning, a protest against the Burmese government gathered just 15 activists on bicycles, surrounded by dozens of policemen, onlookers and …

Mon Party Ponders the Constitution and Election

The Irrawaddy News Magazine – 

Another fact is that there is very little about human rights and democracy in the constitution. The future Burma won’t be a democracy under this …

Singapore’s Lee Urges Burma to Engage Int’l Community

The Irrawaddy News Magazine

“We see a window of opportunity for Myanmar [Burma] to engage the US and the international community,” he said. “Myanmar can capitalize on this opportunity …

Upcoming specialty filmfests include Qfest, Italian flicks

St. Louis Post-Dispatch – 

… year included “Burma VJ,” a compilation of footage from reporters who smuggle protest videos out of the oppressed nation that is now called Myanmar; …

‘Lady Kul el Arab´ wins best-film award at Zagreb Dox Festival

Croatian Times – 

The film “Burma VJ – Reporting from a Closed Country” by Dane Anders Ostergaard won an award for the best film on human rights. Some 54 films from all over …

Evans set to meet Indonesian counterpart

Ninemsn – 

Senator Evans will meet Indonesian Law and Human Rights Minister Andi Mattalatta for talks. The pair are likely to discuss a working holiday visa scheme, …

Burmese Anna Lindh-Prize Recipient Barred from ASEAN Summit – 

By Charlotte Lund Dideriksen Human right activist Khin Ohnmar of Burma, who last year was awarded the Anna Lindh Human Right Prize were – along with …

Do We Need a ‘Diplomat Watch’

The Irrawaddy News Magazine

It is a shame and a disgrace in the history of Myanmar [Burma], and one day we will all remember. But these Asian diplomats should not be disappointed. …

14th ASEAN SUMMIT Thailand 2009

Hua Hin Today – 

The chairman’s statement did not offer solutions specifically to the Rohingya situation when he discussed boat people from Burma. …

On this day

News24 – 

1962 – General Ne Win overthrows Premier U Nu in Burmese military coup.

Regime should be referred to ICHR

Democratic Voice of Burma – 

Mar 2, 2009 (DVB)–The Burmese government should be referred to the International Court of Human Rights for human rights abuses in the wake of Cyclone Nagis, …

Australia signs ASEAN free trade area deal

Radio Australia

PERCY: But Burma is likely to benefit from this, is it not and how does that sit with the fact that Australia wants to punish the junta leaders? …

Commentary: Leading by example

Democratic Voice of Burma

All of us – young people, the new generation, leaders and the people –have to work hard to change our dictatorial system and restore democracy to Burma. …

Bangladesh ‘takes back’ Rohingyas

BBC News

The Rohingyas are originally from Burma but after fleeing that country to escape persecution, they have mostly settled in southern Bangladesh.

NLD youth member transferred to remote prison

Democratic Voice of Burma – ‎‎

Thiha was also arrested after Depayin incident in May 2003 in which Aung San Suu Kyi and NLD supporters were attacked by regime-backed militias. …

Asean leaders put on united front against protectionism

Business Day – 

… when the leaders meet for their next summit, would lack power to punish violators such as Burma, also known as Myanmar, with expulsion or sanctions. …

An Awakened Asean, An Awakening People

Sin Chew Jit Poh – 

Abhisit should have specifically called for the release of Aung San Suu Kyi and urged Burma to start unconditionally the national reconciliation process. …

Asean Leaders Call for Political Reform in Burma

The Irrawaddy News Magazine

“Nobody mentioned the name of Aung San Suu Kyi,” said Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. According to Badawi, Asean’s responsibility on Burma …

Weakened Monsoon Season Predicted For South Asia, Due To Rising …

Science Daily (press release)

The model shows an eastward shift in monsoon circulation, which would mean more rainfall over the Indian Ocean, Bangladesh and Myanmar, and less over India, …

US should be more involved in Human Right Council

Radio Australia – 

Many audacious hopes have been raised by the election of Barack Obama, not least that there will be a restoration of America’s reputation as a human rights …

Corruption and abuse mark Burma’s cyclone recovery

Radio Australia – 

A report by the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has called for a United Nations-led investigation into Burma’s handling of aid and assistance …

Kosovo recognized after wide discussions – Dr. Shaheed

Miadhu – 

“Maldives cannot accept Kosovo to be handed over to their enemies, we are a nation working for the protection of human rights, this is why we urged Burmese …

Asian Summit Ends Without Specific Economic Solutions

Washington Post – 

But the drive toward a more socially inclusive ASEAN hit a rocky patch Saturday when Burma and Cambodia threatened to walk out of a meeting on human rights …

Asean reaching out to regular people

The Malaysian Insider – 

But the representatives from Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, and Cambodia were barred from the meeting, after leaders from those countries threatened to …

ASEAN OKs EU-style community roadmap

The group consists of Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, BurmaMyanmar), the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. … (

ASEAN leaders move to set up EU-style community

The West Australian – 

The bloc has been accused of failing to use its influence to effect change in Burma, which has been ruled by the army since 1962 and is accused of gross …

Notes on the Iran/Persia Conflict, Part 7: Summing Up

Huffington Post – 

Iran’s like Burma in that way. Myanmar goes under the wrong name as well. The simple fact is that as long as the US president refuses to publicly kiss …

Gaza a profound tragedy, says Martin

Irish Times

… Israel’s “totally disproportionate” actions in the Gaza Strip and calling for the immediate release of the Burmese democratic leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

A new democratic dawn – or back to the bad old days?

The latest global transparency index judged that only two states in the world were more corrupt than Iraq – Burma and Somalia. The head of Iraq’s Integrity …

ASEAN: Make Human Rights a Regional Concern

Pinoy Press – 

Human Rights Watch said that the recent forced return at sea of boats containing ethnic Rohingya refugees from Burma, leading to hundreds of deaths, …

Asean, Armed With New Charter, Remains Far From EU Dream

Bloomberg – 

Later this year, Asean plans to finalize a human rights body that cannot tackle country-specific issues. At the summit, Asean leaders sidestepped concerns …

Leaders join forces to battle recession

The National

… change the generals’ minds,” said one diplomat. “Asean will not change until Burma changes,” said Khin Ohmar, a leading pro-democracy activist from Myanmar.

SOUTH-EAST ASIA: Leaders Look to UN for Help With Burma

Inter Press Service – 

The summit of leaders from Brunei, Burma (or Myanmar), Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam was the first since …

Rohingya issue too thorny for Asean to discuss

South China Morning Post (subscription) – 

Rohingya have been taking to the seas by the hundreds in rickety boats, fleeing statelessness and persecution under military rule in Myanmar, which refuses …

Asean Discusses Burma

Jakarta Globe – 

Southeast Asian leaders urged Burma’s junta to move towards democracy, but detained opposition icon Aung San Suu Kyi’s name was never mentioned, …

Eleven members of ethnic minority group confirmed at last

Catholic News Agency

The Karen people refer to their native country as Burma because it is difficult for them to accept Myanmar, the name adopted by the political party that was …

ASEAN members unite to fight crisis

Shanghai Daily

The leaders also agreed on the shape of a human rights body. But it will not have the power to punish violators, said ASEAN Secretary-General Surin …

Chairman’s statement of the 14th ASEAN Summit “ASEAN Charter for …

ReliefWeb (press release)

We also welcomed the progress made by the High Level Panel on an ASEAN Human Rights Body, which has already submitted the first draft of the Terms of …

ASEAN leaders urge unity to beat financial crisis

AFP – 

Activists were angered Saturday when the premiers of Cambodia and military-ruled Myanmar barred two civic representatives from attending rare face-to-face …

Burma’s economy gasps under junta’s stranglehold – 

… and even many Burma watchers agree that Burmese people, after decades of economic stagnation and impact of natural disasters such as Cyclone Nargis, …

Asean vows to stand firm versus protectionism

Philippine Star

… that among other things they immediately release Aung San Suu Kyi,” Foreign Affairs Secretary Alberto Romulo said, referring to Myanmar’s pro-democracy …

ASEAN Urges Burma to Release Political Prisoners

Voice of America – 

The United States and other countries have sanctions against Burma for suppressing Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy which won the most seats …

Military blocks access to Myanmar’s worst hit areas – 

The military has set up road blocks at nearly every road leading into areas hit hardest by cyclone Nargis on May 3 — particularly the south where homes and …

In midst of financial crisis, leaders join together

The Australian – 

ASEAN leaders urged the ruling junta to move towards democracy – but the name of imprisoned opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi was never mentioned, …

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