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ျပည္သူေတြဆီမွာ လြတ္လပ္မႈနဲ႔ တန္းတူညီမွ်မႈ အရင္ဆံုး ရွိေနမွ ဒီမိုိကေရစီ စံႏႈန္းရွိတာ ျဖစ္ပါတယ္။

World focus on Burma (31-12-2009)

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Fresh misery looms large in New Year in Burma – ‎

The junta’s Border Guard Force (BGF) plan places the military forces of the ethnic groups under direct Burmese Army control leaving only their political …

Strategic cabinet meet in Naypyidaw –

… of the Burmese military government were summoned to Naypyidaw today, in what is likely to be a strategic meeting to be chaired by junta supremo Senior …

Drugs worth US$ 15 million seized in Thailand –

However, the New York-based, Human Rights Watch, early this month urged the Thai government to end police abuses after a district court in Bangkok on …

SP story saves man from deportation

StarPhoenix – Jason Warick

I don’t want to go back to Burma,” he said at the time. Veeman and other advocates said his case was clear — his status as a military deserter, …

Distinct possibility of renewed civil war – Brian McCartan

Chiang Mai, Thailand (Mizzima) – The New Year may bring fireworks of a different kind in northern Burma this year. December 31 marks the final deadline for …

China takes flight

Boston Globe – Alan Berger

The party also needs to rein in corrupt officials, respect the human and civil rights of Chinese citizens, allow Tibetans to have cultural autonomy in their …

Leading article: The year and the decade pass on, even as hope revives

Independent –

Iran’s election brought forth an opposition movement that fights bravely on. There are stirrings in Burma, North Korea and Cuba. Nor, mostly, did the worst …

More a case of survival than of winning or losing

Irish Times –

It’s Burma,” he explained, raising the hitherto unexpected vision of O’Brien as an Aung San Suu Kyi-like figure. O’Brien’s Sandwich Bars (no relation) never …

MediaWATCH: Phuket Kate’s Very Mossy Christmess

Phuketwan – ‎

Human rights groups say Rohingya Muslims have fled religious persecution in Burma and do not want to return to their home country. January 4, …

Gwynne Dyer: A look back at 2009 – Gwynne Dyer – ‎

In Burma, pro-democracy leader Aung Sang Suu Kyi, though still under house arrest, has supported efforts by the United States to open up channels of …

Diplomacy’s limits on display in 2009

San Antonio Express –

For human rights, 2009 was a dismal year: in Iran and Sudan, as noted above; in Burma, where Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi was sentenced to …

BURMA: China’s Oil, Gas Pipelines Recipe for Abuse, Warn Activists

Inter Press Service – Marwaan Macan-Markar

Yet as the junta in Burma, also known as Myanmar, prepares the initial groundwork to build the twin pipelines that will cut across the country, …

Burma’s Independence Day

Voice of America – ‎

January 4, 2010, marks the sixty-second anniversary of Burma’s independence from British rule. The United States has expressed its warmest wishes to the …

Is Zuma foreign policy a change of style or substance?

Tehran Times – Steven Gruzd – ‎

South Africa does seem to have learned some lessons from its public relations disasters on Myanmar/Burma and the Dalai Lama. Deputy Minister Ebrahim Ebrahim …

Kasit defends record in office

Bangkok Post –

If Burma was successful in its election, it would help strengthen the grouping and improve human rights issues, making the Asean Charter stronger. …

Written by Lwin Aung Soe

December 31, 2009 at 9:43 am

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