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More Strikes in Hlaing Tharyar Industrial Zone

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More Strikes in Hlaing Tharyar Industrial Zone

Within one month, workers from Hlaing Tharyar Industrial zones had two strikes demanding to increase wages and other rights.

On the 7th of this month, approximately one hundred workers from a frozen prawn factory in Hlaing Tharyar Industrial Zone 2 launched a strike just a few weeks after a different strike calling for increased salary in Zone 3 of the same industrial area on the 17th of last month.

“Previously, there were often such injuries at work as finger cuts. Compensation is never enough for treatment,” said an official from a labour supervising committee in the zone.

Burma’s military regime has attempted to deal with the frequent strikes in the industrial zones by means of such supervising committee.

However, workers said about ineffective solutions to labour complaints despite having the committee since it was set up five years ago.

“The workers themselves do not know that the committee has already set up in this mission. Now they have become aware of our committee standing for them,” said one committee member.

“While a textile worker’s daily income, even if 2000 kyat a day, is so low that even a single person cannot find it enough for his living. Thus, our committee is very careful to receive their complaints and solve them,” he continued.

According to a management committee of the Hlaing Tharyar Industrial Zone, this zone is the biggest one in Burma with the workforce of 50,000 to 70,000 workers and it has a variety of factories such as frozen foods, textile, wood, chemicals, household goods, etc. Of all over 800 categories, only about 400 can run for products.

“This year when an election is to be held, the authority does not want the nation in the state of chaos. Therefore, we ourselves have to deal physically with the labour complaints in Hlaing Tharyar. Later in 2008 the employer whose business was on the verge of collapse, resulting in strikes because the demand to increase the wage was not met in spite of the employer’s promise,” said the committee official.

The textile factories have complaints about the increase of daily wages, over-time charges and bonus for punctuality at work, but it is such textile business in Hlaing Tharyar that cannot run well.

“We can say that the 2008 global economic crisis will not be able to recover until 2010. The order we receive today is lower than the past and the market demand in export is decreasing. So, we are worried how to solve the complaints from workers if they demand,” said the manager of A1 textile factory.

In Rangoon Division, there are 19 industrial zones where the majority of ordinary workers are from all over the county.

One official from an administration committee in Rangoon Industrial Zone estimates that there are over 150,000 workers in 9 zones.


Received this news in Burmese from Mizzima.

Written by Lwin Aung Soe

January 20, 2010 at 6:59 am

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