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Tension between a battalion of Division 66 and a military intelligence unit

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Tension between a battalion of Division 66 and a military intelligence unit

A tension has broken out between a battalion under Division 66 based in Inn-ma village of The-kone Township, Prome District in West Pegu Division and a military intelligence unit

The battalion is Light Infantry Battalion 80 whereas the military intelligence unit has recently come from Rangoon to Light Infantry 5. Such tension has been in the news since last week besides local report.

“What we know is that the tension between Light Infantry Battalion 80 and the intelligence unit recently sent to Light Infantry Battalion 5. It’s been since last week. We heard disobedience caused this tension,” said a dweller from Paun-te Township to Mizzima.

However, in evening programme of BBC (Burmese) yesterday, the disobedience appeared from Light Infantry Battalion 80 under Division 66 and there was firing in the night of last Sunday, injuring one sergeant who later died on the way to a military hospital between Inn-ma village and Ywa-taung village.

When asked by BBC (Burmese), a family member from the army said, “Division 66 is absolutely strict. Now it’s much more. And it has allowed its soldiers to rest. It was a forceful entry from the military intelligence unit that caused this case yesterday. That’s what the villagers told me.”

In addition, BBC (Burmese) broadcast that Light Infantry Battalions 80, 68 and 75, which are all under Division 66, have started disobeying since the third week of December last year because of difficulties in their living.

A Mizzima reporter said that some suspect this time that it resolved in firing each other though such fighting between armed forces and military intelligences is traditional in Burma’s extremely secretive Army.

An ex-army officer living overseas told Mizzima that regarding disobedience because of salary, at least 50 officers as well as rank and file were detained in two light infantries including LIB 80 based in that area around the 20th of last month.

He continued that Colonel San Myint (ID-17953), Commander of Division 66, had been then in a military court.

“It was absolutely not a battle, just a tension. The main cause is difficulties in living that led to their disobedience, comparatively different from those in ethnic armed forces who have had peace accord with the army,” he said.

Garmani, a military analyst, told Mizzima, “It is true that there was a firing between them. But it took a few moments. While one side retreated, it was temporarily calm.”

Division 66 was reportedly accused of violating human rights and forcing labour during its relief work for Nargis around Kadon-kani village in Irrawaddy Division.


Received this news in Burmese from Mizzima

Written by Lwin Aung Soe

January 20, 2010 at 7:01 am

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